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    Stop dreaming. Call us.
    Milovito Dream Pools®

    A pool should reflect the personality of it’s owner. Shouldn’t it?

    Who didn’t dream about owning a private pool? But when it’s time to make decisions about tiles, they appear to be very difficult. That’s when we come in. 

    Milovito has 15 years of experience in finishing luxury pools with traditional glass mosaic. We did pools in private gardens, in skyscrapers, in basements, at beaches and on yachts. But, every new customer is a new journey. That’s the reason that we love our work so much. 

    Please call us when you are ready to realize your dreams and let us make this journey together. (Or Whatsapp at your convenience.)

    (This website is not yet translated into English. If you want to read more please use Google Translate.)

    To swim in money, it was a young boy’s dream.

    Milovito made this dream come true. Approximately 85.000 tiles make up a spectacular 100 dollar bill. Our client had dreamed about a swimming pool with a 100,- dollar bill, since he was a 10 year old boy. Milovito made this dream come true with an amazing result!

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    Green aqua pearl pool tiles.

    Feel the Carribean. The Mother of Pearl glass mosaic tiles sparkle in every light different.

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    For Louis Vuitton fans

    Your own initials in your pool

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    Blue pearl gold

    Every day feels like summer with this pool

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    Black is beautifull

    Get the most intime pool with black glass mosaic tiles.

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